External Research Opportunities

The Trans Learning Partnership has created a directory of external calls for research participants, in order to improve visibility of existing ongoing trans research. If you would like your project to be included in this list, please contact us for more information. This list is provided for information purposes only, and the TLP is not responsible for or affiliated with any of the projects below.


This study aims to investigate how non-binary parents navigate parenting practices that are typically sorted into ‘mothering’ and ‘fathering’. This may include the following topics: gender euphoria and dysphoria, the current political climate (including the ‘Gender Critical movement), pregnancy and parental leave, and the legal context. You are invited to discuss any experiences or feelings relating to your identity, parenting, or both.

The criteria for inclusion are: identify under the non-binary umbrella, including (but not limited to) non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, or agender, have children, be over 18, and be based in the UK.

You are invited to participate in either online interviews, or complete a diary, or both, depending on which method(s) suits you best. The interviews would take place on Zoom (or another platform of your choice), on up to three occasions, lasting up to an hour. You would be asked to participate in an interview where we discuss your experiences, led by you and what you wish to discuss, rather than a list of questions. You would be asked to discuss your experiences being non-binary in the UK, including legal and political context, and how this affects your parenting.

The diary method would involve entries into a diary format of your choosing (for example, written, digital, email, or voice note) on multiple occasions over the space of two weeks, depending on your availability. The diary would be led by a list of questions that would prompt you to discuss your experiences of gender and parenting on that day.

The scheduling of these methods is completely flexible to be able to fit into your schedule.

Through this research I am hoping to challenge normative assumptions on what it means to be both non-binary and a parent, but most importantly give a space for discussion for those whose voices are often silenced or ignored within academia.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Madeleine Rose at the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge, at

There is no obligation to take part.

Who can take part?

  • Adults (18 or over) who live in the UK.
  • Capacity to speak and write English.
  • Identify as Trans, non-binary or any non-cisgender identity.
  • Living with HIV
  • Feel able to speak about your experiences in the interview.

What happens in the interview?

  • It will last about 1 hour. You can choose to have the interview on Microsoft Teams.
  • You will be invited to speak about your personal experiences and your identity.
  • Your name and personal information will be kept confidential.
  • You are free to withdraw from the interview at any time

Taking part is voluntary. This research has been approved under the procedures of the University of Roehampton’s Research Integrity and Ethics Committee.

Keen to take part or want to know more? Contact Matthew Muldoon at muldoonm@roehampton.ac.uk (please do not reply by commenting on this post).

End date: June 2024

Who can take part?

  • Adults (18 or over) who have lived in the UK for the last 6 years (except for absences shorter than a year).
  • Fluent in English (even if it isn’t your first language)
  • Identify as transgender and/or nonbinary
  • Want to participate

Participants will need to fill out a brief survey. Those who wish to can additionally participate in an optional second stage of research consisting of interviews. Data will be anonymouse, no questions about your medical history will be asked, and this research aims to affirm the lives of transgender and/or nonbinary people.

To participate, you can take part in the survey here.