Structural Inclusion

The TLP is committed to producing inclusive research that prioritises marginalised and underrepresented groups such as trans people of colour and people with disabilities and neurodivergence.

Research data influences policy and raises public awareness of issues affecting communities. When done equitably and in ways that empower our communities, it can be a powerful tool for advancing structural inclusion through challenging racial and structural inequality.

Since its inception, TLP has sought to embed structural inclusion in its long-term strategy. To date, trans people of colour as well as those with intersectional marginalisation are involved in all of the key decision-making structures.

We currently in the middle of a three-year project for trans people of colour, Levelling The Field Project funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation in line with their vision for Fairer Futures. The work of the project, which is overseen by a trans person of colour, focuses on conducting equitable research with trans people of colour and advancing structural inclusion within TLP partner organisations.

The project also benefits from an all-TPOC advisory group which has representation of different ethnicities from the trans people of colour community and a diverse range of lived experience expertise.