Trust for London

The TLP is undertaking two major work areas funded by Trust for London.

  • Development of a (Monitoring, Verification and Evaluation) MVE platform
  • Development of a data-sharing and analysis platform across the four partner organisations.

The first project of its kind in the UK, this work captures and shares data-sets and service delivery best practice to enhance our evidence base and recommendations for service-improvement and policy direction.

Stronger Voices Research Project

Stronger Voices is a co-developed research project to capture trans people’s experiences of
Employment, Housing and Assets. Trans and Non-Binary (TNB) people experience societal discrimination & lack of understanding in home, workplace, education, housing and health-settings. The lack of robust data about TNB communities’ experiences in these areas results in policymakers developing policy and practice which do not meet the needs of TNB communities.

This project uses community participatory action to strengthen the evidence-base for service improvements & policy influence. Alongside a UK wide survey, the TLP recruited community researchers to undertake research activities within their communities to gather qualitative data in this area. This data was collected via structured interviews and focus group discussions.

You can also read more about our survey in our blog.

We are currently in the process of data analysis and look forward to sharing our findings with you soon.

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Trust for London fund a two year project ‘Stronger Voices’, which focuses on better understanding of trans experiences of housing, employment, and assets.

Our Other Projects

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Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation funds ‘Levelling the Field: Centering Trans People of Colour in Community Led Service Provision and Policy, a three year project focusing on the structural inclusivity of the partnership and a continuous process of program enquiry through research.

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The Cornerstone Fund

The Cornerstone Fund is a funder collaboration currently involving City Bridge Trust, the GLA, the National Lottery Community Fund, Trust for London and the John Lyons Charity. This covers core structural and staffing costs for three years.

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